Top 5 Amazon PPC Campaign Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Expert Tips for Sellers

Mar 29, 20236 min read Nick Heethuis

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, Amazon PPC advertising has become essential for sellers looking to boost their visibility and sales. However, not all campaigns are created equal. This article aims to identify and address five major mistakes brands often make with their Amazon PPC campaigns, helping you to optimize your strategy and achieve better results.


Poor Keyword Selection and Management

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for the success of your PPC campaign. Many brands make the mistake of targeting overly broad or irrelevant keywords, leading to wasted ad spend and low conversion rates.

Conduct thorough keyword research using tools like Amazon’s Keyword Planner or third-party solutions like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout to improve your keyword selection and management. Focus on finding relevant, high-traffic keywords with moderate competition. Additionally, regularly review and update your keyword list, adding negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches and refining your targeting based on campaign performance.

When conducting keyword research, look beyond the most obvious keywords and consider long-tail keywords—specific, multi-word phrases with lower search volume but higher relevance and lower competition. Long-tail keywords often have higher conversion rates because they target shoppers closer to making a purchasing decision. Incorporate these long-tail keywords into your PPC campaigns to capture high-intent traffic and improve overall campaign performance.


Not Bidding on Branded Search Terms

Bidding on branded search terms—keywords that include your brand name or specific product names—is essential for maintaining control over your brand’s presence on Amazon. Not doing so leaves the door open for competitors to bid on your branded terms, potentially diverting customers from your products.

Incorporate branded search terms into your PPC campaigns to protect your brand and capture valuable traffic. Monitor the performance of these terms and adjust bids accordingly to maintain a strong presence in search results for your brand name and products.

When bidding on branded search terms, it’s also essential to monitor the activities of your competitors. Monitor competitor ads alongside your branded terms, and note any aggressive bidding tactics they may employ. Sometimes, you may need to increase your bid amounts or leverage Amazon’s bid adjustments to maintain your ad ranking for branded terms. By staying vigilant and responsive to changes in the competitive landscape, you can better defend your brand and maintain control over your brand presence on Amazon.


Inadequate Budget Allocation and Optimization

Allocating your advertising budget effectively is critical for maximizing the ROI of your Amazon PPC campaigns. Common mistakes include overspending on low-performing campaigns or underfunding campaigns with high potential.

To optimize your budget allocation, regularly analyze campaign performance and adjust your spending based on the results. Focus on investing in campaigns that deliver strong conversion rates and ROI while reducing spend on underperforming efforts. Additionally, use bid management tools and strategies, such as Amazon’s dynamic bidding, to further optimize your ad spend and drive better results.

It’s essential to strike the right balance between aggressive and conservative budgeting when managing your Amazon PPC campaigns. Setting daily budgets too low may limit your campaigns’ reach and potential while setting them too high can lead to overspending on low-performing keywords or campaigns. Consider using Amazon’s portfolio feature to group similar campaigns together and manage budgets collectively. This approach can provide a clearer picture of overall performance and help you make more informed budget allocation decisions.


Neglecting Ad Performance Tracking and Analysis

Tracking and analyzing ad performance is essential for identifying areas of improvement and optimizing your PPC campaigns. Failing to monitor ad performance can lead to missed opportunities and suboptimal results.

To stay on top of your campaign performance, regularly review key metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and advertising cost of sales (ACoS). Use these insights to identify trends, uncover opportunities for optimization, and make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.

In addition to monitoring standard Amazon PPC metrics, consider using third-party tracking and analytics tools to gain deeper insights into your campaigns. Analytics tools can enhance your ability to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results.


Failing to Optimize Ad Copy and Creative

Ad copy and creative play a significant role in attracting shoppers and persuading them to click on your ads. Generic or unappealing ad copy and images can result in low CTRs and poor campaign performance.

To create compelling ads:

  1. Focus on crafting ad copy highlighting your product’s unique selling points and resonating with your target audience.
  2. Use high-quality images that showcase your product effectively and adhere to Amazon’s advertising guidelines.
  3. Test different copy and creative variations to identify the most effective combinations, and update your ads regularly to keep them fresh and relevant.


When crafting ad copy, it’s essential to consider your product’s emotional and rational appeals. Use persuasive language that evokes an emotional response from shoppers while providing clear and concise information about your product’s features and benefits. Additionally, take advantage of Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ad format, which allows you to showcase multiple products within a single ad unit, complete with a custom headline and brand logo. This format will enable you to promote your brand more effectively and drive traffic to a custom landing page, enhancing your Amazon PPC performance.



By addressing these five mistakes and implementing the tips and strategies provided, you can optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns, improve performance, and achieve greater success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Remember, continuous improvement and adaptation are essential to successful Amazon PPC campaigns. Regularly monitor and analyze your campaign performance, stay up-to-date with industry best practices, and be willing to test and adjust your strategies to maximize your ROI. By proactively addressing these common mistakes, you can enhance your brand’s visibility, drive more sales, and outperform your competition on Amazon.



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