How To Use Amazon Posts: Guide To Getting Started And Improving Brand Awareness

Feb 03, 20234 min read Nick Heethuis

Amazon Posts is a new image-based browsing experience on the Amazon platform that allows shoppers to discover products from different brands. It is similar to Instagram, where brands can create content for their products and publish it on the platform. The posts will appear on the brand’s feed, product detail pages, category-based feeds, and ‘related product’ feeds. The Amazon algorithm decides whether a brand’s posts will appear on the platform, except for the brand feed, where the posts will be automatically published.

Signing Up for Amazon Posts

To sign up for Amazon Posts, you must meet the following requirements:

Once you meet these requirements, the process of signing up for Amazon Posts is straightforward:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using Amazon advertising credentials (or create one)
  3. Create a profile and verify the brand name
  4. Upload the brand logo

Once the Amazon Posts account is created, you can publish content. Simply upload a relevant photo, add a caption, and tag related products. Amazon will automatically tag the categories and display the posts in appropriate locations. Amazon Posts is currently only available on the Amazon mobile shopping app and the mobile web.

Benefits of using Amazon Posts

  1. Increased Visibility: Amazon Posts provide an additional platform for brands to showcase their products and increase their visibility on the Amazon platform. With a strong content strategy, brands can attract new customers and drive sales.
  2. Free Marketing: Unlike Amazon ads, there are no costs associated with creating and publishing Amazon Posts. Brands can use this free marketing tool to reach a larger audience and promote their products.
  3. Increased Engagement: With Amazon Posts, brands can create engaging and interactive content for their customers. This can help build a strong customer relationship and increase brand loyalty.
  4. Better Conversion Rates: Since Amazon is a platform primarily used for shopping, customers visiting Amazon Posts are more likely to convert into sales compared to other social media platforms. Brands can take advantage of this to increase their conversion rates.
  5. Competitive Advantage: Amazon Posts can showcase products in a way that differentiates the brand from competitors. By creating unique and engaging content, brands can set themselves apart and gain a competitive advantage in their product categories.
  6. Improved Customer Experience: Amazon Posts provides customers with a seamless shopping experience. By providing product information and inspiration through posts, customers can quickly discover and purchase products that match their needs.
  7. Enhanced Product Discoverability: Amazon Posts appear in multiple locations within the Amazon platform, including product detail pages, related product feed, category feed, and brand feed. This increases the likelihood of customers discovering and purchasing products through Amazon Posts.

Locations of Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts appear in four different locations on the Amazon platform:

  1. Product details page
  2. Related product feed
  3. Category feed
  4. Brand feed

On product detail pages, the posts appear as a carousel that shoppers can swipe through. When a shopper taps on a post, they are redirected to a feed with related posts. Tapping on ‘Show product’ will redirect them to the product listing. Each post is tagged with relevant categories, and shoppers can tap on the tags to access the category-related feed.

Using Amazon Posts

Since Amazon Posts is still technically in beta, there are no established best practices. However, it’s a good idea to treat it like an Instagram handle, where the brand should create engaging content that stands out and captures the shopper’s attention.

We recommend using lifestyle photos to inspire shoppers to explore the brand’s feed and posting regularly to maintain consistent customer engagement. Brands can schedule posts to go live in the future, allowing them to plan their content in advance and update their feed. If a brand already has an Instagram handle, it will be easy to get started with Amazon Posts, as the content structure on both platforms is similar.


In conclusion, Amazon Posts is a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility on the platform and engage with their target audience. Its features allow for a diverse range of content creation, from product showcases to brand storytelling, making it a versatile marketing tool.

Additionally, with the ability to track engagement and reach, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their posts and make data-driven decisions. With a high user engagement rate and the opportunity to reach a large and captive audience, Amazon Posts presents a compelling case for businesses to consider as part of their overall Amazon marketing strategy.



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