Amazon Listing Optimization

We build highly Discoverable Amazon Listings that convert shoppers into customers.

Our listings are created for amazon's shoppers, and optimized for amazon's algorithm.

category research

Amazon is a treasure trove of data, and we leverage that data to your brand’s advantage.  

The first step in our process is to complete an in-depth analysis of your category on Amazon.  We take a deep dive into what shoppers are looking for and what they’re actually buying.  

We evaluate category trends and identify opportunities based on what’s happening right now.

Competitor analysis

Through our category analysis we uncover your top competitors on Amazon. 

We investigate every aspect of your competitor listings, ads, and Amazon strategy and extract actionable intelligence we use to build your brand.  

We’ll pull the paid and organic search terms (front and backed) that perform best for them, we’ll scrape thousands of their customer reviews to identify customer likes and dislikes, and much, much more.

a massive branding Opportunity

consistent brand patterns

Your Amazon listings should drive sales and build your brand.  Your brand on Amazon will be most effective when it feels like an extension of your brand’s website and social media channels.  

71% of Amazon Shoppers Never Make To Page 2 Search Results
58% of Amazon Shoppers Never Go To The Bottom Half of Page 1
67% of People Start on Amazon When Searching For a New Product
49% of All US Ecommerce Sales Occur on Amazon

a picture's worth a thousand words.

Amazon images

We’ll help you create a main image that’s a “scroll stopper”.  One that’s so good it’s able to stop a shopper scrolling through dozens of Amazon listings, and click into yours to learn more. 

Your other supporting images should be a combination of lifestyle photos, infographics, and product shots from varying angles. 

We’ve tested and retested image types to know exactly what will convert on Amazon. 

Amazon SEO Optimized Copy

Professional Sales copy Written for amazon

Professional copywriting on Amazon is an art and a science.  That’s why we always say our copy is written for Amazon’s shoppers,  and optimized for Amazon’s algorithm.  

Amazon copy needs to be compelling to shoppers and speak to exactly what they’re looking for.  It should also tell Amazon’s algorithm which search terms are best associated with your product. 


Your Title is highly indexed by the algorithm and should include all your most important search terms.

Bullet Points

Bullets are also highly indexed and they’re critical to conveying important product features and benefits.

A+ Content

A+ Content is available to Brand Registered brand owners.  It allows you to use graphic design, images, and comparison charts instead of a text-only product description. 

It’s shown to increase sales by 6% or more and it’s an excellent want to build your brand.  We’ll help you build stunning A+ pages that incorporate your most important product and brand information.

Backend Keywords

Your backend keywords are invisible to shoppers.  They help improve product discoverability by Amazon’s algorithm. 

Through our exhaustive category and competitor analysis, we’ll identify the most important backend keywords for your product.  We’ll also make sure they’re embedded into the backed of your listings in the best positions to have maximum impact. 

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